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How to be tolerant?

Tolerance, an exceptional attribute, must be cultivated right from your childhood. If you are tolerant, you’ll be liked by many people and end up making many new friends. You must make a sincere effort to be tolerant towards people – at all times. Listed below are a few useful tips on how to be tolerant.

Learn to understand different viewpoints

The ability to understand different viewpoints is unquestionably the hallmark of a tolerant person. Before trying to influence others’ opinions and perspectives, you must realize that they come from diverse cultural backgrounds, races, and nations. People’s ideas are directly influenced by their cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs. Besides, people’s behavior is influenced by parental attitudes. When you understand all this, your tolerance level is bound to increase.

Think about the various reasons you’ve been critical

You must evaluate the reasons for having been critical of others in the past. You must ascertain whether it has been due to some negative experiences during your childhood. You must also analyze why you think in a certain manner about a particular group of people.

Think of other people like you think of yourself

When you begin to think of other people as human beings, you’ll realize that they too have their own flaws and limitations. This realization will help you to be tolerant towards them. Each person has a different way of looking at things. You cannot be critical of someone simply because that person’s views are different from yours.

Never thrust your ideas on a person

Never try ramming your ideas down a person’s throat. This is unquestionably intolerance at its worst. Every person is entitled to his/her own opinions and ideologies. For instance, Christians and Muslims have different religious viewpoints, ideologies, and beliefs. Hence, a Christian must never forcefully thrust any religious beliefs on a Muslim. This surely amounts to religious intolerance.

The number of intolerant people is much higher

Today, there are more intolerant people in this world than tolerant people. This is a well-established fact. You can become tolerant only by making a conscious effort. You must learn to tolerate people from diverse religious backgrounds, cultural backgrounds, nationalities, language groups, and races. If you despise people unnecessarily, they will definitely despise you.

Learn to become part of the solution

When you are part of the solution in any problem, you are not only appreciated by the people around you, but also seen by them as being tolerant. Your mere presence makes people in your office and neighborhood comfortable. This is the advantage of being tolerant towards people from diverse backgrounds. Not only are you valued by your old friends, your new friends value you, as well.

Avoid stubbornness and arrogance

The prime reason for most divorces, job terminations, loss of friendships, and other negative occurrences is a lack of tolerance. Stubbornness and arrogance prevent us from understanding other people’s perspectives. Stubbornness and arrogance stem from intolerance. Hence, if you want to be tolerant, learn to give up stubbornness and arrogance.

Stand up for others; develop patience and respect

Never entertain any kind of negative conversation about a person or group of people belonging to a particular race or religion. This is the beginning of intolerance. By nipping this kind of behavior in the bud, you are creating more tolerant people around you. Employing patience and respect towards all human beings helps you to be tolerant towards them.
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