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How to be photogenic?

The birth of social media gave rise to uploading pictures and photo sharing. That's why most people want to be photogenic. How to do it? Read on and find out.

Choose brightly colored lipstick

There’s nothing like bright lipstick to liven up any woman’s smile. Use red, coral or orange lipstick that suits your skin tone.

Master an angle to perfection

Practice in front of a mirror and choose an angle that suits you best. Try that pose in front of a camera and click away. If it doesn’t look good, try another angle.

Choose a good photographer

If you really want to look your best in a photo, get the services of a good photographer. He knows the right angle, lighting as well as other tricks to bring out the beauty in you.

Powder off oily skin

Beauty experts say that oiliness is next to ugliness – especially when it comes to having your photos taken. Just before the photo session, wipe off oil with a hanky and apply some powder. You’ll see a huge difference in your next photos.

Master the hand-on-hip pose

Do you ever wonder why cheerleaders look great in photos? It’s because they have mastered the chicken arm, aka hand on hip pose. It straightens your upper back, tones your arms and makes the chest look fuller.

Lighting makes a difference

Ask any photographer and he’ll definitely agree that correct lighting can enhance your photos. Try to have your shots taken in a well-lit room or an outdoor area that has good natural light. Avoid shady areas.

Turn away from the camera

This age-old trick can make you look slimmer. Turning away from the camera gives the illusion of a more streamlined body.

Apply a facial mask before the pictorial

Facial masks tone and nourish the skin, making it look healthy and glowing. Applying makeup (for women) becomes easier and looks better too. Try to choose homemade facial masks like honey and lemon, oatmeal or egg whites.
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