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How to be more patient?

Do you lose your patience easily? Do you become impatient at the slightest provocation? You can be more patient by counting to ten, breathing deeply and realizing that your impatience is usually counterproductive.

Reduce anxiety by focusing on the task at hand

Sometimes, anxiety causes you to lose patience. When you have many things to do, you should focus your entire attention on the easiest task and complete it. Similarly, if you can stay focused and finish the other tasks, your anxiety level will be reduced considerably. Therefore, just by controlling your anxiety efficiently, you’ll be able to develop patience.

Impatience makes you unhappy

Whenever you lose your patience, you are forfeiting your happiness, as well. Hence, there is absolutely no advantage of losing your patience. You must always strive to be patient even in difficult and trying situations.

Being patient with others amounts to respecting them

Nobody is perfect. If you desire to be a good spouse, boss, friend, or parent, it’s absolutely essential to realize this and consciously cultivate patience when interacting with people. When you exercise more patience with the people around you, they will be more relaxed and comfortable.

Stay motivated to develop patience

You can’t learn to be more patient within a short period. Developing patience is a long-term goal. To achieve this goal, you must make an effort to stay motivated over the long-term. When you’re tempted to lose your patience, think of all the positive effects of exercising more patience. Never forget the ills of impatience.

Change your attitude

The quality of our lives can be enhanced significantly by learning to be more patient in our daily interactions with friends, family members, and neighbors.

If you learn to perceive yourself as a patient person, you’ll find that you’re capable of handling the most challenging tribulations easily. When you change your attitude, patience can help you attain your goals.

Boredom can challenge the most patient person

If your train has been delayed for several hours due to some unavoidable circumstances, it’ll be undoubtedly a daunting task to while away the time. However, if you’re busy reading a book or doing an interesting crossword puzzle, you’ll not find the wait as excruciating.

Figure out what exactly it is that makes you impatient

This point is tremendously important in developing patience. For instance, if getting caught in a bad traffic snarl-up causes you to lose patience, you must engage in an activity that helps you overcome your frustration. Try playing some pleasant music on your car audio player.

Delegate responsibilities

Delegating responsibilities to others reduces your workload considerably. This helps you to focus better on the task at hand. Hence, this is another means of developing more patience.

Try to speak and behave slower

Doing so will prevent you from saying things that will incriminate you later. Besides, your opponent may back off if he senses that he can't get into you.

Realize that your impatience is usually counterproductive

You will not achieve much more and faster, but you will suffer and hurt others along the way

Count to 10

This may be trite, but it still works. Counting 1-10 gives you enough time to think clearly, of not doing actions that you may later regret.

Maintain a journal

This will help you to keep a record of the events that trigger a sense of impatience or that rushed feeling. Write down immediately the reason or cause for the loss of your patience. For instance, the entry “September 1 – health club”, will remind you that you lost your temper at the health club. Ensure that you take notes diligently every time this feeling occurs. This will help you to stay calm in similar situations in the future, and help you to be more patient, as well.

Breathe deeply

When you breath deeply, your senses calm down, making you feel relaxed and ready to face whatever challenges await you.

Watch your body when it's becoming tense

When you realize you're tensing up, focus on relaxing. Sit down and breathe deeply. Once you feel better, start to analyze the situation and make a decision based on your analysis.

Realize that you can choose the way you react

You don't have to allow negative emotions and tensions to set in. You may as well choose not to feel impatient. Remember that you are the master yourself. Don't allow your opponent to get the upper hand by reacting violently because that is precisely how he wants you to behave.
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