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How to be more flexible?

Being flexible, both physically and mentally, is extremely important for your general well-being.

Increase the intensity of the exercise gradually

This helps your muscles in gaining strength gradually. Your muscles get accustomed to different joint movements. As your muscles gain strength and become more flexible, try heavier weights.

Benefits of stretching

Stretching reduces the risk of injury considerably. To attain more physical flexibility, stretching exercises are indispensable.

Do not overstretch any muscle

When working with weights, do not overstretch any muscle. Increase weights gradually. Overstretching can lead to serious injuries. Remember never to stretch any part of your body over its limit.

Stretch your hamstrings only after warming up

Hamstrings must be stretched only after warming up properly. Take care not to stretch your back or spine too much. They are vulnerable spots housing vital nerve centers.

Stretch every day

Doing stretching exercises every day is absolutely important in attaining and enhancing flexibility. Hold each stretch for about 20 seconds. This will improve your flexibility rapidly. Stretching exercises keep your joints and muscles in good shape and well lubricated.

Well-balanced, nutritious diet

Cut down on junk foods, oily foods, and red meat. All these foods greatly impede your body’s flexibility. Add lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains to your diet. A nutritious, well-balanced diet is indispensable for a flexible body.

Fit in different exercises into your workout schedule

Attaining a high level of flexibility requires discipline in implementing and sustaining a strict regimen of physical exercises for a prolonged period of time. Though this routine tends to be tiresome at times, the results are well-worth the exertions. In the course of time, your flexibility will amaze not only you, but also the people around you.

Performing different exercises help you to attain and maintain flexibility. Instead of just sticking to the conventional crunches, push-ups, and sit-ups, you must consider adding some cardiovascular exercises like cycling, weight-lifting, running, and swimming, as well. Together, all these exercises enhance your flexibility.

Exercise your shoulder and chest muscles

Use weights to exercise your chest and shoulder muscles. Ensure that your concentration is intense as you perform these flexibility enhancing exercises. In fact, these exercises will make your whole upper body more flexible. You can do these exercises every day with light weights, or three days a week with medium weights.

Exercise your hands

Stretch both your hands as wide as possible. Hold this position for as long as you are comfortable. Do about 10 repetitions of this exercise every day.

Exercise your back

Your back is divided into the dorsal and ventral sides. Dorsal is the back side. For this side, stretch the muscles of your hip and hamstrings. For the ventral side, bend over backwards as far as you are comfortable.

Exercise your legs

Sit on the floor as you do the leg and knee exercises. Draw your knees in and stretch them out alternately.
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