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How to be happy?

Material possessions can make you happy, but only fleetingly. Yes, happiness can be very elusive, but not entirely impossible to attain. Here are some tips that can make you feel happy sans the hefty price tag.

Don't live in the past, or in the future, live in the NOW

Don't waste time thinking how great your life was in high school, or how you miss the 80s ;)
Avoid postponing true joy even for a day. Don’t wait for tomorrow hoping that your life will be less stressful, or you’ll be less busy. That tomorrow will remain elusive.
Instead, you should look for chances to savor the little pleasures of daily life. Concentrate on the bright side of the present, rather than needlessly thinking about past issues or worrying about future plans.

Realize that happiness is your choice

... and not something that happens to you.

Smile often

Even if you don't feel like it at the beginning, it can affect your mood and others'. It's a simple yet it works :-)

Surround yourself with optimistic, positive people

Try to see positive things in people and life

Earn enough money to live on

Making a lot won't necessarily make you happier, but making too little to cover your basic expenses can surely make you miserable.

Spend time with your family and friends

Talk to people, engage in interesting conversations

Express yourself and actively listen to others.

Life is tough, accept that and move on

Get a sense of purpose

Be it your family, building a house or learning how to paraglide.

Learn to appreciate what you have

Usually, happy people have reasonable levels of aspirations and expectations. For this sole reason, unlike unhappy people, happy people get what they want. Additionally, happy people understand how to generate delightful surprises and how to avoid disappointments. This is mainly because they labor towards attainable goals and are satisfied with their lot.
Therefore, it’s important that you accept things the way they come. To be happy, you should delight in what you have.

Cultivate your passions

Meet new people, make friends

Help other people

Appreciate others whenever you can, be genuine

Set goals for every day, no matter how little

It will give you a sense of achievement.

Try new things, visit new places, experiment

Think that every moment is important for you

Stop procrastinating

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Nurture happiness — Deliberately

Happiness, an attribute you can diligently cultivate, doesn’t appear by magic. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that happiness will find you.
You’ve got to discover how to be happy. Don’t wait. Start getting happy — this instant. Happiness is extremely infectious, and when you’re happy, people around you are also bound to follow suit.

What does science say — About happiness

Science indicates that happiness depends heavily on a person’s personality and — more significantly — daily behaviors and positive thoughts that can be altered. Hence, you can teach yourself to be as happy — or happier — as you desire.
Many of us assume that people who’re rich, beautiful, or lead a stress-free life are automatically happy. On the contrary, reality indicates that people who possess wealth, beauty or undergo less stress aren’t much happier than the average person who’s doesn’t enjoy these blessings.

To be happy, you should focus on a few aspects of your life

Personal happiness depends on the following factors:
• Acknowledging and appreciating what you have.
• Devoting more time to family members and friends.
• Maintaining an optimistic outlook — always.
• Living in the moment — consciously.
• Feeling a clear sense of purpose.

To be happy, practice constantly

Your choices, actions, and thoughts directly influence your happiness level. It’s definitely not as easy as flicking on a switch; yet, you can increase your level of happiness. To become happier, you need to practice constantly the beneficial changes you make in your actions, thoughts, and choices.

Invest in your relationships

Endeavor to surround yourself with people who’re happy. Content people buoy up your mood. Besides, when you’re happy yourself, you’re in a better position to give something back to the people around you.
Your friends and family members help you celebrate life’s diverse successes and joy. Additionally, they assist you in challenging times. Don’t take your relationships with friends and family members for granted. Nurture these relationships — diligently. Develop your emotional account with well-meaning actions and words. Be gracious and prudent with critique. Appreciate people when they do you a favor.

Cultivate contentment: Express gratitude

Gratitude, a sense of appreciation, wonder, and thankfulness for life means more than merely saying “Thank you”. If you’re not careful enough, you’ll go through life easily and fail to recognize your good fortune. Most often, a majority of people are jolted awake into appreciating the nice things in their lives by either a serious illness or tragic event. You shouldn’t wait for something similar to happen to you.
Each day, commit to practice gratitude. Recognize one thing that enhances your life. Whenever you’re tempted of thinking a negative thought, substitute it with a grateful one. For instance, substitute “my brother forgot my birthday” with “my brother has been constantly with me during tough times”.
Gratitude should be your thought every night — before you go to bed. Gratitude should be your first thought in the morning, as well.

To be happy, you should cultivate optimism

Nurture the habit of looking at the positive aspect of things. At times, bad things do happen. Notwithstanding, you shouldn’t let these negatives influence your outlook on life.
If you aren’t a natural optimist, it’ll take some time for you to alter your pessimistic outlook towards life. Begin by identifying negative thoughts as they flash across your mind. Ponder and ask yourself these chief questions:
• Is this situation genuinely as grave as I think?
• What is it that I can carry forward from this experience for employing in the future?
• Is there any other method of looking at this scenario?

Discover your purpose

Individuals who labor to fulfill a mission or attain a goal — whether it’s finding their spirituality, caring for children, or growing a kitchen garden — are much happier than individuals who don’t have such longings. A goal augments self-esteem, brings people together, and delivers a sense of purpose.
Do your best to align your everyday activities with the long-term purpose and aspirations of your life. Undoubtedly, relationships provide the strongest purpose and meaning to your life. Hence, you should diligently leave no stone unturned in cultivating meaningful relationships.
To discover your purpose, ask yourself these elementary questions:
• What is it that truly energizes and excites me?
• What are my proudest accomplishments?
• How would I like others to remember me?

Enjoy what you do

Don’t work for money or glory. On the other hand, do your utmost to enjoy what you do. There’s no reason for being stuck in a workplace you despise, surrounded by unfriendly co-workers just because the pay is good — you are permitted to be happy at your job, too. Most people spend the finest years of their lives in an attempt to make more money, compromising their family life and health in the process. Eventually, they end up spending all this extra money they earned in trying to recapture their irretrievably damaged health and estranged family.

To be happy, choose happiness over everything else

Don’t hesitate to step back and re-assess your objectives. Envisage your life akin to a story that you can revise and edit as you proceed along. This sort of flexible approach demands positive thinking on your part. Besides, you have to develop an open mind and actively choose happiness over everything else.

Stay busy

Develop an outgoing personality. Join the tennis club, accept that drinks invitation, and book tickets to the theatre. The finest way of savoring pleasure is in the company of friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family members. Enrich your social life — consciously. Don’t treat it as an obligation. Think of it as something that’s meaningful, fun, enjoyable, and rewarding.
Busy, dynamic, social, active people are the happiest and healthiest, in society. You can either opt to use it or opt to lose it. Understand this and get involved.

Avoid comparing yourself with others

Ambition, a healthy attribute, makes people tremendously happy. On the contrary, envy makes people unhappy. Likewise, comparing yourself with others can ruin the advantages of ambition. It’s helpful only when you learn something. Concentrate on your dreams, aspirations, and goals to genuinely delight in your accomplishments and ambitions.

To be happy, learn to be yourself

Just as you should avoid comparing yourself with others, you should never worry about what others say or think about you. Only then you can be your true self. Happy individuals are natural, real, sincere, and spontaneous. Happy individuals don’t worry. They speak what they feel and think, and aren’t unduly bothered by what others say or think of them. Being yourself makes you truly free and happy.

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