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How to be creative?

Creativity , also called ingenuity, inventiveness or productivity, is needed in order to create something that would be of use to man. You can be creative by tweaking existing ideas, finding inspiration, and adjusting your mindset.

Find an inspiration

It is important to find a source of inspiration in order to have an idea. It can be by reading a book, traveling or by listening to music

Spend time with creative people

Children are undoubtedly the most reliable creative people. Their imaginations arenít restricted or boxed in. By mingling with them, you learn to think outside the box. Hence, you can enhance your natural creativity by consciously spending more time with young children.

Tweak existing ideas

It is possible to get the best creation by going for changing existing ideas you have

Never let criticism stifle your creativity

When youíve finished your creative work, you can ask for feedback from your family members, friends, and neighbors. However, you must never let criticism, even of the constructive variety, stifle your creativity.

Donít be a perfectionist; let your creativity bloom

Many great people have failed to make it big because of this one fatal drawback. Your natural output, bereft of concern for fashioning something thatís perfect, will definitely lead to creative results. There are innumerable paths to attaining creative success. When you realize that imperfection is absolutely human, your creativity will bloom unhindered.

Find a routine that is ideal for you

Routines can be counterproductive if they hinder your creativity. Positive routines reinforce a functional, creative mindset. Every so often, you can break your routine. However, your routine should encourage you to grow, learn, and experience new things. Hence, your routine is the key that stimulates a creative mindset.

Take notes about every idea you have in mind

People tend to resist dynamic ideas

Generally, people display resistance towards any new and innovative ideas that you may develop. This resistance stems mainly due to the fact that good ideas revolutionize existing dynamics. When you come up with something that questions the status quo, people will feel queasy and threatened.

Adjusting your mindset Ė Taking feedbacks

Learn to take feedback from friends, colleagues, and neighbors with a grain of salt. Follow your own path. This is the basic rule of being creative. You must know that a personís feedback is doomed to be biased because that personís notion of what your work ought to be is going to be entirely different. When you realize this, youíll concentrate on doing your own thing.

Examine your work critically

In fact, you must be harder on yourself than anyone else. Keep asking yourself, ďHow can I enhance this?Ē or ďWhat change can I incorporate to perfect this?Ē Striving to be one of the best among your contemporaries certainly amounts to reaching the pinnacle of self-expression. Critically examining the work youíve completed successfully must permit you to appreciate your strengths.

Never relate self-worth with creative output

Though creative output is extremely important, itís not the only factor that matters. Never compare your self-worth with your creative output. You must understand that each of us work at a different pace. Work at a pace that inspires you. Never aim to work at a pace that drives your insane.

You have to think about every project as a challenge

We should learn from all our life and draw conclusions. We should try to surprise

Creativity isnít like a lightning streak

Creativity doesnít always have to strike you like a lightning streak Ė it can be maintained and enhanced if you develop the right outlook, cultivate a regular routine, and donít make the mistake of putting too much pressure on yourself.
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