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How to be confident?

Confidence, a tricky quality to develop, helps you feel good about yourself and what youíve accomplished. Itís easy to make the mistake of linking your confidence level to the will of others around you. However, you can train yourself in self-assurance and learn to be confident by following some practical tips listed below.

To be confident, you should look the part

Once you begin to implement this golden rule effectively in your life, your confidence level will rise by leaps and bounds. As you start looking like a capable, confident person, eventually youíll begin to feel your confidence level soar. You can begin this process by dressing confidently. Dress to feel good, comfortable, and confident.

Perfect your posture

The manner in which you carry yourself conveys a lot to the people you encounter during your everyday life. Hence, you should ensure that youíre communicating to them that youíre absolutely in-charge and confident. Hold your spine straight, your shoulders squared, and your chin high. Walk purposefully rather than drag your legs along the ground, and sit up straight. The right body language helps in the development of confidence.

Identify and write down your talents and best qualities

Whenever youíre feeling low, look at all the things youíre good at and motivate yourself. Focusing on your best qualities will distract your mind away from perceived drawbacks and augment your sense of worth. Your talents, friendships, looks, and most importantly, personality, are some of the qualities you should contemplate about all the time. To be confident, you should learn to implement this ability to contemplate about yourself and assure yourself.

Think of all the hurdles in the path of your confidence

Note down all the hurdles that are hurting the progress of your confidence. For instance, lack of friends, poor grades, and introversion are some of these qualities which may be hampering your progress. You can easily overcome these hurdles by consciously making an effort to remove the hurdles in your path. For example, if youíve got poor grades in a subject, your confidence level as the next test in that subject comes up is bound to be extremely low. You must work harder in that subject to score good grades and excel. Eventually, your confidence level will soar when youíre thorough with all the topics in that subject. Likewise, by making a studied effort, you can overcome the other hurdles that are hampering your confidence.

Every individual struggles with confidence

Every individual experiences low self-esteem and self-confidence at times. Remember, youíre not alone in this tricky struggle. Even if you can think of an individual who seems to be supremely confident, there may be some areas in which that person lacks confidence. Hence, you should realize that confidence is rarely universal. Itís easier to be confident when you stop comparing yourself with others.

Confidence is a gradual process, not singular accomplishment

Being confident isnít a one-time accomplishment. On the contrary, developing confidence is a gradual step-by-step process. There are bound to be times when youíll feel low and down in the dumps. However, remember to stick to your plans to augment self-confidence.
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