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How to be an online writer?

An online writer, a person who writes for the World Wide Web, usually graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism, English or related courses. You can become an online writer by reading a lot, enrolling under a good tutor and honing your skills.

Hone your writing skills

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Join competitions in the different writing websites you have joined. And if you feel like you have leveled up, create profiles in,, etc. to further your writing skills.

Read a lot of materials online and offline

You will not be able to write your best when you do not have a good knowledge of what you are writing.

Join writing websites

The best way to learn writing is to get tips, advice and comments from both amateur and professional writers. You can find them in writing websites like, and a whole lot more. Donít worry, registration is usually free.

Register yourself in employment websites

Create great profiles in employment websites like, and others. Youíll not only hone your skills - youíll also have the satisfaction of earning some cash out of your writing.

Learn from the masters

Read the works of well-known writers from various niches: Tynan for world travel, John Teti for video gaming, Heidi Swanson for cookbooks, and of course, the marketing guru of all times, Seth Godin. Study how they create compelling content.

Take up a writing course from a reputable online school

That is, if you do not have the time to attend a formal, traditional school. Do some research and read testimonials of former students of the school you are interested in.

Develop a knowledge of SEO

Writing online today is more complicated than ever before as Google algorithm is always taken into consideration.

Start your own blog

Having your own blog is like hitting two birds with one stone. It helps you get your name out there while also letting you practice your writing skills.

Be patient

Understand that writing is not a skill learned overnight. Research as much as you can, and practice a lot.
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