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How to be adventurous?

Being adventurous is a sentiment that most people can fondly relate to. This is regardless of whether they live in a large city or small village.

Understand that You can be adventurous

Being adventurous, an incomparable state of mind, is attainable by anyone. Most often, everyday life is almost identical. You wake up in the morning, exercise for a few minutes, get ready for work, go to your workplace, strain beyond your capability, come home completed fatigued, flop down before the television, finish dinner, and retire for the day. Weekends afford the much needed chance to catch your breath before staying in the reckoning for the rat race.
Understand that the only way you can be adventurous is by breaking your wearisome routine.

To be adventurous, switch off your television

If you’re truly keen on being adventurous, stop living your life vicariously through fictional characters portrayed in soap operas. Step outside your house. Explore the neighborhood and other interesting places in your town. Visit other towns in your state/province.
Select a far-off destination, and go for a drive. You can also opt to walk or go by bicycle. Chat with the local people. Walk around leisurely and experience delightful new sights. Take some pictures. They will remind you of the fun and enjoyment you had.

Search for exotic foods

Go on a hunt seeking exotic foods. Try exotic seafood or some game meat, or vegetables you haven’t tasted before. Visit an ethnic grocery store and explore food packages you can’t even read.
Consider visiting European, Intercontinental, or Oriental restaurants in far-flung areas. Taste exotic foods like Cous Cous, Sfinci, Cassata, Arancina, Raw Oysters, Cuccia, Beignets, Pralines, and Muffaletta.

Get lost

To get lost, you don’t have to end up being shipwrecked on a remote island. Throw away your map and blindly head somewhere you’ve never been to before. Explore new territory. Don’t be unduly worried of finding your way back. You’ll find it eventually. Meanwhile, let go of the desire to know your location. Just concentrate on what’s going on in your new surroundings and enjoy your adventure.

Wear an outlandish outfit

Fashion won’t alter your life. Notwithstanding, it will make your day a lot brighter. Try new color combinations and revitalize your wardrobe. Paint your toes in a unique check pattern. Do anything that’s wholly different from what you do normally. Enjoy the thrill it gives you and don’t fail to notice others’ reactions towards you.

To be adventurous, make yourself famous

If you are a compulsive talent-shows watcher and are stricken by the bug to perform, enter a singing competition, take a dance class, or simply design home videos of yourself. Upload the videos on YouTube, Break, Daily Motion, Meta Cafe, and Google Video. Give yourself a realistic chance of becoming the next web sensation.

Get creative

There’s an explosive growth of creative communities. Craft fairs provide an outlet for all your creative outputs. Think of something that’s unique and exquisite you’d like to create. It could be fancy iPad skins, silk-screened yoga tops, knit legwarmers, wood crafts, plush toys, synthetic dreads, or beaded jewelry. Showcase your wares either at craft fairs or online.

Travel more

Low-cost traveling truly delivers the maximum adventure and fun. Traveling to foreign countries is undoubtedly expensive; however, there are cheap flights that take you to destinations in diverse locations. The only catch (mandatory prerequisite) is that you should be prepared to travel at times that match the lean phases of your planned destination.

Vanquish your fears

You know and understand your fears better than anyone else. Once you conquer them, you open the door towards a new spectrum of adventures. Regardless of whether it’s public speaking, heights, strange places, or your boss, you should face it. Fear is just a natural response to anxiety about death. If you’re needlessly fearful of something that isn’t life-threatening, it’s high time that you set it right.

Speak to strangers

Speaking to total strangers offers a new kind of adventure. Every person comes from a different background and has distinctly different experiences. Hence, you learn something new. Maybe that pleasant gentleman sitting in the adjacent table at the restaurant you frequent can give you helpful tips on how to grow rose plants. Maybe the wizened lady peddling her wares in the street corner can teach you a few tricks about preserving tons of vegetables.

To be adventurous, embark on doing new things

Remain enthusiastic about learning and doing new things. Make friends with a farmer and try your hand at milking a goat. Take a ballet class. Or better still, learn swing dancing. Film a documentary. Consider spending time with people on remote locations. Regardless of what you do, approach it with the right attitude and an open mind. Thank people for providing you the opportunity of experiencing unfamiliar things.

List out all the adventurous things you’d like to do

There’s no thrill in following the identical pattern of life every day. Therefore, prepare a list of all the thrilling things ? big and small ? you’re keen on experiencing during your lifetime. Climb an active volcano, learn to sail, attend the Olympics, skydive, bungee jump, swim with sharks, paraglide, and go for a safari. There are dozens of other interesting things you can do to satiate your adventurous spirit.

Delight in “living in the moment”

Adventure seekers concentrate on delighting in the journey instead of arriving at the destination. They undoubtedly have an objective in mind when they try their hand at new things. Likewise, you should be prepared to a change in plans and a change in the destination, as well. You should be resourceful enough to find your way when things go wrong. If things are smooth, it only means that you’re not stepping out of your comfort zone.
Leave your comfort zone and don’t be distraught when you face challenging circumstances. Adventure is all about beating a daunting challenge. Outline your options, select something that’s thrilling, and charge forward enthusiastically. Don’t forget to have fun along the way.

To be adventurous, aim to amuse yourself

If you’re intent on amusing yourself, you should experience the following:
• Rock Concerts
• Art Shows
• Museum Exhibitions
• Book Readings
• “Beginners Night” Dance Classes
• Outdoor Festivals
• Speed Dating
• Rallies/Protests/Parades
• Geek Gatherings

Take a Different Route to Work

Routine can be a safety net and also keep you in a rut. Doing a routing task differently, even like commuting can shake up your day and entire attitude and make you ready for even more risk taking.

Travel Someplace You Never Heard Of

These days the most of the famous travel spots are overrun with too many tourists. There is really no chance for true adventure. But it you open a map of The World and even travel to a local town you never knew existed, it will give you a new sense of The World that others might just bypass. Any place you have never visited or seen before is an opportunity for adventure if you are open to experiencing new sights, sounds, people and cultures.
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