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How to be a volunteer?

Volunteering, a great way to assist an organization, makes a huge difference in your community. It provides a good opportunity to learn new skills and meet new people.

Persist with your chosen mission; do not give up

Sometimes, volunteer organizations have unpleasant tasks, busy times, bad management, slow times, or difficult fellow workers. Learn to work through all these minor hurdles.

Select an organization that genuinely interests you

If you are interested in donating something other than money, you must seriously consider lending your talents and time to organizations that matter to you.

For instance, if you are keen about literacy, consider volunteering at your local library. If you have a passion for helping sick people, consider volunteering at a nearby hospital. There are dozens of other activities for which you can consider volunteering.

Have fun

Learn to love what you do. This will ensure that you will accomplish much more in your volunteering activity. Besides, your enthusiasm will definitely infect others.

Start small

In case, you have a busy schedule, start off by volunteering for a few hours every week or perhaps one day in a month. Then, when you find the work enjoyable, you can gradually put in more time.

Look for an activity or organization in your locality

Ideally, you must choose an organization in your community or area. You can also sign up for the Red Cross, Peace Corps, or other similar worldwide organizations.

Consider the reason you are interested in volunteering

Are you interested in helping the world or your neighborhood? Are you interested in developing your own skills, learning new things, or making new friends? Are you keen on sharing your gifts and talents with others? Evaluating these questions honestly will help you in choosing the right path for your volunteer work.

Get training

Never miss out on any formal training or orientation program offered by the organization. If possible, work alongside an experienced volunteer.

Start your own organization

However, you’ll be on your own initially. You’ll need to mobilize the money and talent that established volunteer organizations have already secured.

Choose whom you would like to help

Senior, art & culture, education, children & youth, health or community

Familiarize yourself with the people in the organization

If possible, attend an orientation or training session arranged by the organization. Speak to group leaders in the community about their personal experiences. You’ll pick up some useful tips on how to make your work more meaningful.

Get started with your volunteering

Do your research. If necessary, ask plenty of questions and clear all your doubts. Make sure that volunteering for your selected organization is right for you.

Get help

When you’re confused, stuck, or simply overwhelmed, ask for help. Someone in the organization will lend you a hand temporarily to help you clear urgent backlog. Usually, organizations have other resources to bank on in times of emergencies.

Fix the problem

If there’s a difficult hurdle in your way, the same hurdle is affecting everyone else, as well. Take the initiative and get more money, more volunteers, skilled help, or better equipment. Gently suggest how things could be organized or managed in a better manner.
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