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How to be a good wife?

Being a good wife takes more than just cooking meals and cleaning the house. You have to be tolerant, respectful, beautiful and good in bed as well.

Allow him to have time with his friends

Don't stop your husband from taking some time off with his friends. There are just some things that a man likes to share with their male friends, as much as you'd love to share with your girl friends. Besides, you'd probably be bored to death if he starts talking about the features of the latest powerful bike he's dying to have.

Tell him how much you love him even if he doesn't show it

Some men have a hard time expressing themselves even if they want to. Just keep on whispering those three magic words - you just don't know how his heart swells with love and pride for having someone as special as you for his wife.

Respect your husband's opinions and decisions

Scientific proof exists that men and women think differently due to brain size and structure. This is the reason why most men are better at deciphering maps while women seem to solve problems faster. So the next time your husband expresses his stand on an issue, let him be. That's the way he thinks. Period.

Always look beautiful for him

Men are competitive by nature. And what's the best way to show off his macho side than by having a beautiful wife that his friends will envy?

Don't criticize

Doing so would make your husband feel that he's not that good enough. Tell him what needs to be told in a nice, sweet way. You're his wife, not his mother or his teacher from his grade school days.

Be really good in bed

Fulfill his sexual fantasies by becoming his lover and mistress. Wear sexy lingerie, watch some sleazy films or read books on how to enhance your sensuality.

Make good meals

You don't need to be a chef to prepare a good meal

Learn how to tolerate his guy talk

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