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How to be a good student?

Whether you a young teen in secondary school or an adult pursuing higher education, there are some key attributes you need to develop to be a good student. Listening and participating are the most important among these attributes. Let us look at some of the other attributes you need to be a good student.

Review the notes you have taken down in class

In your leisure time, review the notes you have taken down in class. Reviewing the notes helps you in understanding the subject thoroughly.

The importance of homework

Doing your homework promptly helps you to master the subject. Utilize all available free time to complete your homework well ahead of schedule. Homework helps you in developing the right attitude. This is beneficial to you in the long-term. You also learn obedience. Being obedient to teachers is the hallmark of a good student.

Stay focused on studies

Remove everything from your study table that distracts you and diverts your attention from studies. School can be boring. However, make it a point to stay focused and concentrate on studies.

Start by paying attention in class

During class, cultivate the habit of paying attention when your teacher is giving a lesson.

Study regularly

Studying regularly is another key attribute of a good student. Strive to be prepared for tests beforehand. Do not prepare for a test on the last day before the test.

Take down notes, and clear your doubts

Make it a point to take down notes of the teacherís lecture Ė at least, the most important points. Whenever you have a doubt, raise your hand. Your teacher will be more than willing to clear your doubt. The more you understand a subject, the easier it is for you to complete assignments and tests in that subject.

You don't learn when talking to friends - pay attention

In class, you have everything to lose by not paying attention to the teacherís lecture. Wasting time by either talking to your friends, passing notes, or pretending to be attentive does not benefit you in any way. Hence, pay close attention!

Keep track of dates of tests, projects, and assignments

This will help you to organize your study schedule better. Knowing which assignment is due first helps you to adjust your study plan accordingly. Here, prioritizing rightly is extremely important.

Do your homework

For a good student, this is easily the most important priority. Homework is given to students for a reason. Use your free time to complete your homework.

Be absolutely organized

Always make it a point to take everything you need to class. Pens, pencils, review sheets, books, homework, folders, etc., should be at hand whenever you need them in class. Keep your assignments in their respective folders; for instance, keep your language assignments in your language folder, and your science assignments in your science folder.

Sleep well

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Sleep a minimum of 8 hours every night. This helps you concentrate better in class.

Take mock tests three days before actual tests

Mock tests help you to prepare better for class tests. Take mock tests prior to your monthly tests, term tests, and semester tests.

Write whatever you have studied

Writing whatever you have learnt is another good attribute of a good student. Practice and improve your writing comprehension. This will be helpful when you are taking tests.
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