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How to be a good mother?

Mothers are naturally loving, protective and nurturing. A good mother goes beyond those qualities. What are those traits? Read on to find out.

Stop trying to be a Supermom

Of course, every good mother would do anything and everything for her kids. But trying to be Supermom is actually an option, not a requirement. You donít have to force your way into the league of superheroes - unless youíd like to end up sad, frustrated, tired and bitter for not complying with their standards. Just be yourself and enjoy the kids.

Be a good example

To a young child, you are the perfect human being. To him, everything you do is worth emulating - how you talk, treat others or deal with certain situations. Show him a good example by being a person he can truly look up to.

Spend quality time with them

Take some time off to take your kids to a trip to the mall, a visit to relatives or even bake some sugar-drop cookies at home. Doing so will make them feel more important than all your chores and paperwork. That would boost their confidence more than an A+ in Math!

Just let them be

Let your children learn life by living it. Allow them to play outdoors without freaking out each time they stumble and fall, fail their exams if they donít study, giggle over their crushes and cry over the loss of their beloved dog . Allowing them to experience these situations will teach them how to face the consequences of their actions or cope with issues they have no control of.

Be proud of your child

Tell all your friends about how well he does in school or show them the pictures of the big fish he caught with Dad. Nothing gives a child a sense of accomplishment more than seeing the glowing pride in his motherís eyes.

Always be there for him

Thereís nothing more comforting than your gentle touch when he is sick or your warm, reassuring embrace when his best friend leaves him. Whatever the situation may be, let him feel that youíll be there, always by his side.

Be a tiger mom in some ways

There are some mothers who are good at pushing the capabilities of their children.

Accept your child's unique personality

A great number of parents think that their children will not grow into their own person as the years go by.

Do not dictate everything to your child

Let your child decide what he wants to be. Let him find the happiness that he wants to have.
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