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How to be a good cook?

Cooking has certainly undergone a sea change in the last few decades. With pressures of modern day life mounting, most of us have very less time to spend in the kitchen.

Very few people become good cooks overnight

You must realize that you canít become a good cook overnight. The few good cooks you see around must surely have taken decades for mastering this fine art of cooking. When you understand this clearly, you will be motivated enough to put in the necessary time to become a good cook.

Develop the patience to experiment

Experimenting will teach you about the different flavors of your food. You will also learn about the behavior of diverse foods much better by experimentation. Try out different combinations of ingredients and spices. This is the best way of learning about complementary tastes. There may be times when the dish may be ruined or not turn out the way you desired. However, this whole process of experimentation will teach you to be a good cook.

Start slowly; begin by preparing simple dishes

Begin slowly. Donít try to prepare a complex dish the first time you cook. Try out simpler dishes in the beginning. Begin with something small, for instance, like scrambled eggs or cookies. Never expect to master cooking in your first attempt. Cooking takes time to yield the results you desire.

Enjoy a wide variety of dishes

Cooking is much easier than most people think. Anyone can learn cooking easily. You can become a good cook if you have some amount of creativity, an inquisitive spirit, and patience for learning by trials and errors.

Research how to prepare your favorite dishes. After you prepare them, compare with the ones prepared by someone else. This will help you in enhancing your cooking skills.

Buy a good cookbook and access online help sites

These are indispensable sources of guidance for you to become a good cook. You must utilize them to learn how to prepare new dishes and improve your cooking skills.

Most Important - Taste your dish frequently as it cooks

This is unquestionably the best attribute of a good cook. However, due to food safety issues, you must avoid tasting raw or partially cooked meat, eggs, or fish. Tasting food as it cooks gives you the knowledge of how flavors develop. Additionally, you can make necessary changes to ensure that the balance of spices is absolutely perfect.

Hot temperatures cook the exterior more intensely

Use hot temperatures to cook the outside of your dish. Use lower temperatures to cook the whole dish thoroughly. You could use high temperature to sear the outer part of a rare steak or to get a very thick crust on bread. Use a lower temperature to cook the steak thoroughly or to obtain a soft crust.

While the food is cooking, stay in the kitchen

Whenever possible, stay in the kitchen as the food is cooking. Walking away to attend other chores may result in the food getting burnt.

Restrict ready-to-eat and prepared foods

Instead, purchase all the basic ingredients required to prepare your meals. As much as possible, prepare your meals using these raw ingredients. This will help you in enhancing your cooking skills and become a good cook.

Donít be discouraged when you make mistakes

Whenever dishes donít come up to your expectations, or you mess up on new recipes, donít be disappointed. With patience and practice, you will become a good cook if you persist long enough.

Take Lessons on How to Use a Knife Properly

The single most important tool of a cook is a sharp knife. If you learn to chop, dice and slice properly, you will speed up and enjoy the cooking process much more and avoid any nasty accidents.,

Go Easy on the Salt and Spices

It is always better to under salt and spice food because you can add more later, but you can never take it out. Use accurate measuring spoons and follow the recipe precisely if you are using one and have never used a spice before.
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