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How to balance school and being a parent?

In today’s ultra-competitive world, it is common to find young parents begin or continue their higher education after having children.

Check out all the different schools before enrolling

Community Colleges, Technical Schools, Correspondence Schools, and Traditional Universities offer various options including online courses, part-time scheduling, and on-site daycare. Other convenience factors to be considered include proximity to daycare, support groups, lactation rooms, family housing, and ample parking. Explore all your options and other convenience factors before deciding to enroll in a particular school.

Allocate a minimum of 1 hour study time per credit per day

Schedule at least one hour of study time for each enrolled credit every day. Ideally, this study time should be when children are in daycare, school, or taken care of elsewhere. This study time is in addition to the time you spend in school.

Do not enroll in more courses than you can handle

Never make this mistake. Many parents make the mistake of enrolling for more courses than they can handle and end up with poor grades. The number of courses you can handle easily varies widely and depends on the age of the child, the activity level of the child, and the amount of assistance provided by child care centers.

Discuss the reasons your children

This will result in your children understanding your hectic schedule. It will also help them to realize the benefits your degree will bring to the whole family. When your children see you studying diligently to attain your educational goals, they will be motivated to do well in their studies, as well.

Some school programs offer credits for work experience

If you have significant work experience in related industry, schools offer free credits for different courses. Be sure to claim these exemptions.

Seek the help of your academic adviser

Your academic adviser should be able to guide you about the number of courses to take up based on previous data of students with children.

Be prepared to miss school due to family emergencies

As a parent, you must be prepared to miss out on coursework once in a while, due to family emergencies.

Enroll in adequate courses to obtain your degree

Make sure to enroll in an adequate number of courses to obtain your degree. However, take utmost caution about being able to maintain a manageable schedule.

After analyzing your options, make an exhaustive list

Make an extensive list of all the benefits each school provides for students with children.

Distance learning offered by many universities is a boon to such parents. Other educational institutions offer flexible scheduling to such nontraditional students. Such students can balance school and parenting by managing their time efficiently.
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Balance school and being a parent
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