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How to avoid sports injury?

A sports injury, an injury that occurs when you play sports, can easily be reduced or avoided altogether, by taking some simple precautions.

Never work through pain

When you are in pain or fatigued, don’t train or play. Pushing yourself unnecessarily will almost certainly result in a severe injury. Stop taking part in the game anymore when you are clearly in pain or distress. Hence, to avoid sports injury, never train or play through pain.

Before you start playing or exercising, you must warm up

To warm up, jog or run for a few minutes. Stretch the muscles that you normally use in your sport. Loosen up all the muscles in your body for a minimum of 30 seconds. A proper warm-up prevents sports injury and enhances your level of play.

Listen to your body

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This is an elementary rule that you must always bear in mind. Listening to your body will help you in determining when to slow down, stop, or alter your exercise pattern. This will prevent further aggravation of any injury or avoid sports injury.

Athletes, both amateurs and professionals, must follow certain safety, preventive, and conditioning strategies to avoid sports injuries.

Before playing a sport, get in shape

Improve your overall physical fitness before playing a sport; not vice versa. Each sport has a specific conditioning program. Follow the conditioning program specifically designed for your sport.

Use proper safety gear

Safety gear includes helmets, mouth guards, gloves, shin pads, and goggles. Using safety gear in team sports is absolutely essential for avoiding sports injuries.

Allot some rest days

Training or playing every day without a break taxes your body. Allotting days of rest is another method to avoid sports injuries. During rest days, your body’s connective tissues and muscles get the time to rejuvenate between training sessions.

Previous injuries

A previous injury can develop into a chronic problem if it is not thoroughly rehabilitated. Hence, proper rehabilitation of a previous injury is extremely important in avoiding sports injury.

Wear the right shoes

Your shoes must absorb shock and fit properly. Besides, they must be stable. Wearing the right shoes during training and play is indispensable in avoiding sports injuries.

Muscles grow during rest

Hence, exercising specific muscle groups in your body every alternate day is the best option to avoid sports injury.


Warm-down, as important as warm-up, ensures that your body cools down adequately after physical activity. Usually, warm-down lasts for 10-15 minutes and includes any gentle form of exercise like walking. This is done to bring down your heart rate to normal. The warm-down process permits your body to eliminate the muscles’ waste products.

Be aware of the limitations of your body

A great number of people think that they can do anything with their flexibility. This is not really the case. Always be aware of the limitations of your joints.

Avoiding tennis elbow

Changing to lightweight racket whose strings are looser is effective in avoiding tennis elbow.

Hydrate yourself adequately

Always ensure that you drink sufficient quantities of water or other liquids during training and play. This is crucial for minimizing cramps and avoiding sports injury.

Making a come-back

If you have been active for some time, build up stamina gradually before playing a game. Sudden strenuous physical activity after a long break leads to sports injuries. To avoid sports injuries when playing after a long break, build up sufficient muscle strength before participating in a game.

Know when to rest

Resting is the best way to avoid injuries. When you don't let the muscles recover, this can be a big problem for you. You want to get the right nutrition on your way.

Therapy is the best thing to do with injuries

When you are injured in the past, it is hard to get the preinjured state. It is simply imperative to know when you should go to physical therapy sessions.
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