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How to avoid jet lag?

Do you feel tired and confused after a long flight? Then, you might be suffering from jet lag. Learn how to avoid this condition with a little help from our community.

Try to stay awake or to sleep, just as you would at your destination

Take advantage of earplugs and eye shades to help you fall asleep

Exercise to help you fall asleep, on the plane and at your destination

Set your clocks to the time of your destination as soon as you begin your journey

Drink a lot of water

To stay hydrated.

Adapt to jet lag only if you travel for more than 2-3 days

Get sleeping pills

Know the time of the place you are going to visit

The time of arrival will play a crucial role on how you are going to react. If you are arriving night time, you may want to try to sleep once you get there in order to normalize your body clock.
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