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How to avoid cramps while running?

Running cramps strike everyone, including professional runners that are in peak condition. The foremost question on many runnersí mind is how to avoid cramps while running.

Warm-up adequately

Cramps not only interrupt your exercise, but also result in muscle injury.

You must always warm-up sufficiently before starting your run. Skipping, walking, or riding a stationary cycle serves as a good option for warming up your body.

Hydrate adequately

Cramps while running happen due to the depletion of essential fluids in the muscle cells. Drinking adequate quantities of water is the ideal method of rehydrating your body during running. Drinking water before running is crucial, as well.

Stretch your leg muscles

Muscles in a continuous state of contraction during your run are the muscles most likely to cramp. The primary problem muscles include the calves, hips, and quads. Hence, you must ensure that you stretch these muscles sufficiently before you begin running.

Opt for sports drinks

Physical training sessions lasting more than 45 minutes deplete vital salts and electrolytes in your body. Hence, you must opt for sports drinks to replenish these electrolytes and salts immediately. Deficiencies in these vital components result in cramps during running.

Bananas prevent cramps

Since bananas contain potassium, they prevent cramps. For this reason, you must include bananas in your diet.

Run in lower temperatures

Whenever possible, schedule your running during times of low humidity and heat. In hot conditions, your body will lose fluids quickly. This may result in cramps while running.

Avoid caffeinated beverages

Caffeinated beverages dehydrate the cells in your body. Hence, avoid all caffeinated beverages before and during running.

Try breathing the right way

When it comes to development of lactic acid, it is important that you get rid of carbon dioxide in your body to avoid stress on your muscles.

Eccentric stretching prevents cramps

Eccentric stretching is the best method of avoiding cramps while running. This method applies pressure or puts weight on one particular muscle which results in the lengthening of that muscle. For instance, for exercising the Achilles tendon, you should stand on your toes. This results in your toes bearing the entire weight of your body.

Run at a constant pace

You must run at a constant speed that ideally matches your level of physical fitness. Hydrate adequately during the run to avoid cramps.

For longer runs, hydrate 2 to 3 days before the event

The body requires more time to replenish fluids that cause cramps while running. Hence, if your runs are longer than 16 kilometers (10 miles), you must start hydrating 2 or 3 days before the event.

Consume more carbohydrates

You must consume generous quantities of carbohydrates the day prior to your run. This will help your body to remain well hydrated and energized.

Change your running shoes

Shoes that donít fit perfectly will put additional stress on your leg muscles and tendons. This additional stress increases the chances of cramps while running. Hence, opt for shoes that are comfortable and fit perfectly.

Avoid foods high in proteins and fats

Foods rich in proteins and fats dehydrate your body. Never consume these foods 4 or 5 hours prior to a run.

Take lots of potassium moments before running

It is important that you take in potassium rich foods before you run.

Warm up the right way

In order to get your muscles to not spike in activation, you can always try to start with low level activities.
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Avoid cramps while running
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