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How to avoid being awkward?

Awkwardness is a thing that plagues a lot of people. So how do you not stay awkward?

Be positive

You want to be a positive person in order to get the best interaction possible.

Practice by hanging out with other people

It is just a matter of practice. You need to feel comfortable with the other people around you.

Do not talk about religion or politics

You want to meddle on topics that are neutral in order to have a really good conversation with another person.

Go to parties more often

It is a good idea that you hang out on parties more often in order to feel comfortable when you are in a crowd.

Have a list of things to talk about

In order to get people to talk about more personal things and open up to you, you first have to warm things up.

Learn how to do small talk

Small talk is important especially in discussing deeper things with someone.

Be a good listener and also a good talker

You have to know when to listen and when to talk if you want to get the best interaction.

Have a concept of the people's culture

You need to understand what are the acceptable things to say in different situations. This is the most perfect way in order to avoid awkward situations.

Learn how to redirect topics when it is already awkward

You need to make sure to have a sense of awkwardness. Silence for instance is a great measure of awkwardness. You want to know how to redirect topics if put into these situations.

Learn to break the ice

You have to make sure that you have the necessary skills in order to open up a conversation.

Thank to Lord Afar for job well done

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