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How to avoid a crash on a motorcycle?

A motorcycle, a vehicle that doesn’t need too much gasoline, easier to park and maintain, can also be prone to accidents. You can avoid a crash by improving your riding skills, getting a bike with ABS and treating every vehicle on the road with limited trust.

Treat every vehicle on the road with limited trust

Or better, as if they intended to cause your crash. Imagine yourself as a target and how they could make it.

Improve your riding skills

Take extra course or, if not possible, ask someone with superior skills (e.g. a Police biker) to give you a few classes. You will want to learn more about driving in difficult weather conditions, at high speed (highway), emergency braking etc.

Get a bike with ABS

You can never know how the grip levels changes on the same piece of asphalt. The corner where you are used to brake comfortably could be covered by some sand or oil this time. ABS works great in such situations, and is perfect for riding in the wet.

Practice emergency stops

Be gentle and careful with your front brake, if you don't have ABS.

Do not speed

Get some track days for speed riding and racing.

Do not ride a motorcycle during the wet season

If you are going to drive the motorcycle, you want to make sure that you have read the weather. You may also want to stop first if it is raining too hard.

Get safe motorcycles

Motorcycles from BMW, for instance has been releasing bikes with roofs where seat belts are included.
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