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How to ask a girl out?

Is it your first time to ask a girl out? Do you need some tips to guide you? We have some practical tips that can build up your confidence to pop up the question to your would-be date.

Make it look casual, and not a big deal

It will take pressure off both of you.

Make you sure you look and smell good

Adopt the right body language, engage eye contact

Your gaze shouldn’t linger for more than five seconds. If it does, she may not think highly of you. If she responds with a friendly smile, it’s a good sign that indicates the feeling is mutual.

If she doesn't seem interested, wait until she is

Offer help when opportunity arises

Invite her to a movie

Make sure she is or might be interested

You’re undermining your credibility by relying on Facebook

Asking a girl out is simple when you create the right vibe. Unfortunately, the internet has seriously dented the social skills of today’s youngsters. They’re extremely savvy in sending Crush alerts on social media, rather than expressing their interest directly at a personal level. When you’re inviting a girl out, you should ask directly — in person. You should opt for asking her out over the phone only in rare instances and solely as a last resort.

Your posture must convey self-assurance & scream confidence

Most men guarantee rejection even before opening their mouths by breaking the ground rules of asking a girl out. Their appearance lacks the requisite confidence. Some simple cues you should remember about your posture and body language:
Do not:
? Slouch your shoulders
? Cross your arms/legs
? Let your gaze wander towards the ground
? Fidget
? Hold your gaze straight and forward
? Keep your chin up
? Shoulders up and squared
? Hold your chest high

Whenever you ask a girl out, dress decently

You don’t need to be attired in a freshly tailored suit. Notwithstanding, you shouldn’t be dressed like a slob either. You should dress appropriately to match your personality, but ensure that it’s classy. Avoid dirty shoes, wrinkled tees, and other fashion disasters. Don’t be overly bothered about the specifics. Endeavor to dress like the handsome and sophisticated person you are.

Avoid confusing kindness with attraction

Just because a lady flashes a smile at you or speaks to you, it doesn’t automatically mean that she’s willing to take the friendship any further. Therefore, you should avoid nurturing any hopes without good reason. If you aren’t sure whether she likes you or otherwise, just go ahead and ask her out. If she questions, “For a date?” you should reply, “Yes!” without batting an eyelid. Confidence is good. Besides, if she turns down your request, you’ll know for sure.

When you’re asking a girl out, be assertive

You should extend an unambiguous invitation for a date. Avoid being vague about what you’re saying. Be assertive. Avoid saying, “I’m relatively free this weekend. How about hanging out?” It’s way too tentative. The girl may not even be remotely aware of what you’re talking about.
Evidently, you’ll have to develop your own flavor to this complex equation. There’s no fixed pattern. If you’re keen on getting a “Yes”, you should try saying, “Girl’s name, I am interested in taking you out. If you’re interested, let’s meet on Saturday. How about 6 o’clock?”
It’s straightforward, clear, confident, and assertive. Obviously, it’s the perfect method of asking a girl out.

Make a plan

Most women are attracted by a man who’s ready with a plan. Don’t say, “Well, what are you interested in doing?” Think of a great plan well in advance. Present her with two options. You could say, “I was contemplating on dinner at the Crescent or a picnic in Regent Park. Which one interests you?” You should be ready with a plan.

Nurture good intentions

Avoid advertising yourself as desirous of “getting to know” a girl. Nobody favors a snake oil salesman. Girls are smart. They can sense your ulterior motive. You’ll either get rejected or end up getting used for whatever value you hold.

Detach yourself from the outcome

It’s essential that before you ask a girl out that you prepare yourself for both outcomes. You shouldn’t attach too much importance to the outcome. If you learn to be happy regardless of whether her response is “Yes” or “No”, you’re going to be more successful in your relationships with women.

The most important advice

This needs to be emphasized strongly — Don’t read innumerable tips and suggestions on how to ask a girl out. Avoid seeking advice from your friends, visiting pick-up boot-camps, reading innumerable articles, or relying on “Dating websites”. On the contrary, you should develop some social skills, basic confidence, and good intentions.
Women adore guys who are straightforward and natural, and despise guys who are dishonest and artificial. Women are good discerners.

Before asking a girl out, read her body language

You can understand a girl’s interest by reading her body language. More than 90% of human communication takes place at a non-verbal level. If she smacks you and says that you’re truly a jerk, her body language may be conveying the exact OPPOSITE of what she’s saying. Stay alert for subtle hints that she’s unwittingly revealing.
? She’s laughing heartily and is genuinely interested in what you’re saying.
? She’s standing too close to you and touching you more often than necessary.
? She continues the conversation by asking you a series of personal questions.
? She begins to hint about what she likes to do and asks about your plans for the weekend.
? She teases you when you’re joking with her.
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