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How to activate your subconscious mind?

The single most important attribute to living your dreams depends on how well you master the skill of using the hidden potential of your subconscious mind.

To activate your subconscious mind, control your thoughts

Controlling your thoughts ? consciously ? holds the key to your personal advancement and success. The finest method of tapping into the unlimited power of your subconscious mind is to become knowledgeable of what’s genuinely going on inside your conscious mind. Very few people bother about what they’re thinking of during the course of a day.
They permit random thoughts to pass through their minds. On the contrary, successful people exercise tremendous control over their thoughts. You activate the Law of Attraction within your subconscious mind when you choose and control your thoughts.

Understand the strength of your thoughts

You should understand that your thoughts are nothing but pure, intense energy. What you think in your mind and what you believe directly influences what you attract. Hence, you can definitely use the positive energy of your mind to fashion your life as you desire.
You can use your immense mind power to deliver you great wealth, desired weight loss, satisfying relationship, and a healthy body. People have miraculously recovered from terminal illnesses by simply tapping the power of their subconscious minds.

To activate your subconscious mind, try Auto-inquisition

Auto-inquisition is a subconscious mind exercise to tap its full prowess. In this method, unlike autosuggestion, you ask your subconscious mind questions instead of providing it with information. Hypnosis experts have discovered that an individual’s subconscious mind contains useful information that the conscious mind has long forgotten.
Besides, the subconscious mind has a passage to information that an individual might never have been exposed to during his/her lifetime. This previously unavailable information can be accessed using Auto-inquisition.
Thomas Edison practiced this method to resolve complex problems. He sat in his favorite chair and dozed off clasping a metal ball in his hand. His hand was suspended on top of a metal bar. He kept focusing on a complex problem he wasn’t able to resolve. The moment he dozed off, his hand relaxed and the metal ball clanged into the metal bowl. He would wake up immediately.
This permitted Edison to stay suspended between the sleep and dream state. This special state allowed him to access information that was hidden in his subconscious mind.

To activate your subconscious mind, set a goal

The only way of achieving anything you desire involves knowing at the outset precisely what you want. Later, you develop a game plan and go about implementing it.
Here, “setting a goal” comes into play. If you’re devoid of a game plan, you can’t possibly hope to triumph ? ever.

Without a clear-cut goal, you’re just striving aimlessly

All professional sports players, irrespective of whether they play rugby, cricket, tennis, soccer, or badminton, have one common goal ? to win. Besides, all of them have a well-planned strategy to accomplish their objective.
Similarly, you should aim to accomplish something. You should set yourself a crystal-clear goal. This ensures that you work with a genuine purpose to attain your goal.

Cultivate the habit of setting goals every day

Doing something frequently causes it to become a habit. Daily goal setting is the most important habit you can cultivate.
Writing your goals every day helps you to remain focused specifically on what you intend to accomplish each day. You embed your goal in your conscious mind. You also plant the seed profoundly in your subconscious mind. To kick-start your subconscious mind, you should write down your daily goals in the present tense.
Doing this empowers you to achieve literally anything you’ve ever wanted.

Discipline yourself to write down your goals daily

Buy a pocket notebook and keep it in an easily accessible place. Each morning, write down your goals in it. You should turn to a fresh page each day. Ignore the previous page and write down 10?15 goals you want to attain that day.
Employ past tense in writing your goals to indicate that you’ve already accomplished them. You should write, “I completed project XYZ on ----” instead of writing, “I will complete project XYZ”. Similarly, you should write, “I weighed 106 pounds this weekend” instead of writing, “I will weigh 106 pounds by this weekend”.

Write your goals in the present tense

Your subconscious mind reacts positively to suggestions and commands. This is especially so when they are stated in the present and personal tense.
If you do this successfully, you’ll develop the ability of achieving your goals within comparatively short time frames.

Begin writing your goals with “I”

Ensure that your goals begin with “I” ? always. Your subconscious mind reacts favorably to goals that are specific, articulated in the present tense, and conveyed in a positive manner.

Embed your goals deeply into your subconscious mind

Stating your goals in this manner is the right way of embedding them into your subconscious mind. When your goals are embedded accordingly, they activate the Law of Attraction and the Law of Expectation within your subconscious mind. These two powerful laws combine together to create fresh beliefs about what is truly possible for you to accomplish.
This entire process also initiates the Law of Emotion and the Law of Correspondence inside your subconscious mind. Consequently, your energy level is increased dramatically, and your creativity is stimulated significantly.

Begin the positive chain reaction

To activate your subconscious mind, you should kick-start the positive chain of events that initiate the process of embedding your goals in your subconscious mind.
This entire chain of events is akin to a chemical reaction. When you deliberately begin working towards your goals by setting yourself daily goals, you unwittingly begin a positive chain reaction that culminates in you progressing rapidly towards your goals. Eventually, you achieve your goals successfully.

Set goals to initiate the whole process

Achieving all your goals in quick time is facilitated when you set goals, write them down in the present tense, embed them in your subconscious mind, and work towards achieving them.

Understand the true potential of the subconscious mind

The human mind, undoubtedly an underutilized powerhouse, is vastly untapped. An average individual uses less than 10% of his/her mind’s prowess. Hence, you should clearly understand that you can tap the prowess of your mind for your personal development.

Avoid feeding negative thoughts ? Feed positive thoughts

Thinking negatively causes untold damage to your productivity. Negative things happen to people who constantly entertain negative thoughts about various things in their lives. If you develop the habit of feeding positive thoughts to your subconscious mind, you will reap positive benefits.

Unleash the power of your subconscious mind

To activate your subconscious mind, you should:
• Constantly remind yourself of your true goals and aspirations.
• Discipline your subconscious mind to stay focused on your goals.
• Never permit negative thoughts and influences to affect you.
• Diligently access creative channels.

Listen to classic music to heighten your brain functions

Listening to the music of Handel, Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart awakens your higher brain functions, augments your capacity for intellectual thought, and enhances your creative imagination and intuition. This is popularly labeled as “The Mozart Effect”.

To activate your subconscious mind, try this exercise

Use this simple “workout plan” to enhance the prowess of your subconscious mind.
• Morning Session: Listen to solo piano music by Chopin, Mozart, Brahms, or Beethoven for 20 minutes accompanied with guided visualization.
• Afternoon Session: Listen to string music by Handel, Mozart, or Bach for 20 minutes accompanied with auto-inquisition (concentrate on one problem you wish to resolve).
• Evening Session: Write down 5 assertions every day. Look in the mirror and speak out your assertions aloud. Go to sleep while listening to soft string or piano music. Use recording tools to add your assertions to the piano music.

Thank you

Try visualization

Visualization, another powerful subconscious mind exercise, is similar to autosuggestion. You feed images you visualize to your subconscious mind. Nevertheless, visualization requires a lot more concentration, effort, and single-mindedness than autosuggestion.
In this mind exercise, you use your imagination to devise “synthetic experiences” such as, sounds, sensations, colors, full images, and smells.
For practicing visualization, begin with simple shapes like circles and squares. In the next step, move to visualize complex shapes. Later, you can start visualizing words. Eventually, you can move on to full experiences.
For achieving best results in visualization, imagine yourself to have achieved your goals. For instance, visualize yourself standing next to the latest model of the car you intend to buy.
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