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How do you find volunteers for a nonprofit organization?

Nonprofits, especially startups, need volunteers who can do pro bono tasks due to lack of sufficient funds. These volunteers can train others or hold key positions in the organization. This is why it is essential to get the best volunteers. How to do it? Read on and find out.

Post ads

How else will other people know that you need volunteers if you do not post ads? By doing so, you will create awareness among the residents of your community and even from those outside your area as well. Create short ads for TV, radio, print and even in social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to give your nonprofit maximum exposure.

Pay a visit to different churches

Different churches may have different beliefs but they have one thing in common - they all have charitable programs that have a roster of volunteers whom you may ask to assist you in running your nonprofit.

Do not forget government institutions

Your local government office is a very good source of volunteers. Ask about the programs that align with the mission/vision of your organization. They can refer you to like organizations or other offices where you may find the volunteers you need.

Ask your family and friends

Let your family and friends know about your cause. Invite them to one of your activities and let them experience the joy in serving others. Tell them the stories of the clients who need the most help and In time, they will volunteer, knowing that they will be spending their time for something worthwhile.
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