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How do you avoid legal issues when you resign from a company?

A great number of people get screwed because they do not know how to resign thinking of legal consequences.

Know your contract well

You need to understand which things you are legally allowed to do. Are you supposed to wait for three years before reentering the industry? These things can be a great factor to consider in order to avoid any type of problem.

Try having a meeting with your superiors

If it is for personal or health reasons, you can always try to resign from the company and even go to the extent of getting a waiver in order to avoid any type of legal trouble.

Get an attorney

You need to have a lawyer in order to help your legal needs in case there is that potential of getting into legal trouble.

Be honest with your plan after resigning

You need to tell the company honestly why you are resigning especially if you are already part of the upper echelon.

Buy your contract

If you want to resign way ahead of the time in your contract, you can always haggle for a good price.

Do not try to compete with the company

Whether you are starting your own, or you are working for some other company, if the old company invested some cash on you, you should never do this. You basically need to be non competitive with them.

Be professional with your work

One of the best ways in order to avoid the company getting irked by your actions, you need to make sure that you stay professional all throughout.
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