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How do I improve my online reputation to get work?

It is important to have good online credentials today since a lot of HR managers are looking for professionals online.

Build a professional social media network like LinkedIN

It is a good idea to have a LinkedIN account. But of course, have you heard of the adage that birds with the same feathers fly together? This can be true in the case in LinkedIN. You can choose your network carefully in order to be viewed as a great authority in your own niche.

You can start building a blog or a portfolio online

It is always a good thing to have a portfolio appear once your name has bee searched.

Don't do anything stupid at work

One of the reasons why people get paranoid is that because they are doing stupid things in the workplace. You have to make sure that you do diligent work.

"Clean" your Facebook and other social media accounts

HR managers would attest just how they are now keeping track of all activities of their applicants. When you have drunk and obscene photos on your social media page, it can hurt your reputation.

Get the help of a reputation management company

What most people do not know is that the reputation management companies can do is to monitor, what other companies can see online with your name. Also, they can do necessary steps to cover things up.

Always look search your name on Google

If you are going to look for your name, you will notice just how you can actually learn how other companies will have an impression of your when they search you online.

Maximize the Google authorship function

Google authorship, according to Google doesn't affect the rankings. However, it is possible to build credibility with casual readers online.
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Improve my online reputation to get work
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