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How do I fix my PC's internet connection?

There are instances when you will not be having a good internet connection. Here are some tips that you can get.

Call the internet provider first

It is imperative to know if there is a scheduled repair, or expected difficulties in your area.

Get the help of an IT to check your computer

There are some instances when the PC has to be reformatted in order to function correctly.

Go to YouTube to know the solution

YouTube offers a number of quick solutions to your internet connectivity problems. You just have to follow them step by step.

Look into the wires on your modem and computer

There are instances when the wires have been unattached. All that you need to do is to check them first and connect to the right place.

Check the cables

You need to learn how to change the cables. This is also the first thing that your technicians would check.

Diagnose the problem with Windows

If you are having difficulties with your internet, you can always get the help of Windows to pin point the problem. From here, you will know just where to start searching for answers.

Configure the computer's IP

There are different options how to get to this. You can simply right click the monitor icon and if it shows a caution sign, there is a possibility that you have to reconfigure the IP via the IVV4.

It is possible that your LAN card needs replacement

LAN cards may not be working properly. You can see this with the absence of light on your modem's LAN.

Your modem may need replacement

If this is the case, you want to call your internet provider so they can give you with a new modem.

Check the terminals

There are instances when the terminals are actually corroded. You have to replace or at least clean the terminals during these instances.
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